Rainbeau Jewellery – wirework

Jewellery for women who appreciate unique, wearable pieces – exclusive to Art & Craft Collective!

Jewellery designer Anne Watt, owner of Rainbeau Jewellery in her own words:

“Having always been interested in design, from clothes to interiors, when I discovered jewellery making and design it seemed like a natural interest for me. I have always loved jewellery and this does not take up a lot of space – not like having to get out the sewing machine and spread material and patterns all over the dining room table! This was something that I could do in evenings, on which I could concentrate and stop thinking about work. It was good to do on a wet weekend when I wasn’t with my horse.

As I learnt more about the ancient art of wire work, my hobby became a small business. I continue to increase my skills and love attending week long wire retreats with wonderful masters and fellow devotees of the art.  After leaving my ‘day’ job in January 2017 I have devoted more time to making jewellery, which is much more relaxing than my corporate career!

All my jewellery items are one off pieces and most incorporate semi-precious gemstones with copper, silver plated or sterling silver wire.

I also love working with Scottish sea glass and sea pottery. Consider the piece of sea pottery in the gallery below. What was this part of before it landed in the sea? A vase, a platter, a jug? Who used it? What kind of life did they lead? I’ll never know, but it’s fascinating.”

Anne is happy to discuss commissions – please contact her through her website or by email info@rainbeaujewellery.co.uk