Own MY Own

We are launching a new scheme today to make art ownership easier! It’s not original but imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery and we hope it will help customers to take home a piece of art that they love.

We’re calling it Own MY Own and offering customers the opportunity to spread the cost of their piece over three to six months.

Own MY Own is available on any piece (whether painting, print, sculpture or jewellery) priced at £150 or more. The way that it works is as follows:

– choose your piece (or pieces!)
– decide on your payment term (three months, six months or somewhere inbetween)
– pay your first installment
– pay each month until you have paid in full
– take your art home! (Or have it delivered)

You can choose to pay by standing order or you can come in each month and pay with cash or a card – whatever is most convenient for you.

All payments are non-refundable.

Please be aware that if you miss a monthly payment or stop your payments before the end of the payment term, the work will be returned to the sales floor and offered to other customers.

We want you to be sure about your choice and happy with it, so we are happy to bring the work or works that you are interested in to your home so that you can see how they look ‘in situ’ and make your final decision.

So, for example, if you have fallen in love with ‘Edinburgh Electric’ by Alan Kay (£550) you can choose to make an initial payment of £100 then five monthly payments of £90 and it is yours! It is as simple as that!

If you would like to discuss the scheme further or there is a piece that you want to buy, please be in touch. You can email linsay@artcraftcollective.co.uk or call the Gallery on 0131 629 9123 and speak to Linsay, the gallery owner.

We love art and we want as many people as possible to own the art that they love – hopefully this scheme will help you to do so.

Finally found what I’m looking for

The search for premises began just before Christmas last year when I saw a vacant shop on Newington Road – that turned out to be a complete non-starter for reasons I won’t bore you with but my top tip when looking for commercial property?  Get a really good surveyor on your side.  I did and after another couple of no- goes (for better reasons: someone else had got there first, so at least I was in the right ballpark)  Scott Mitchell from Edinburgh Commercial Property found me the perfect premises: (drumroll please……………….)

93 Causewayside, Edinburgh EH9 1QG became mine in the middle of June – hurrah!  Then the real work began!  We are currently adding super fab lighting, painting the walls, preparing the floor and pulling together the display items and sorting out the storage for all our lovely artists.  We are on course to open the first weekend in August with a couple of ‘meet the maker’ events and craft demonstrations.  Watch this space for updates!