Saturday 17 October- Saturday 19 December 2020

We are delighted to present an exhibition of Deborah Fallas’ still life original acrylic paintings of flowers.
Originally from Aberdeen, Deborah has lived in the Scottish Borders for over 30 years after coming here to study.

After graduating she worked in the clothing industry and then started to work for herself in the late nineties. In the
past few years, looking for an additional outlet for creative ideas, she has returned to painting, which she always


She paints exclusively in acrylics as she loves the bright colours she can achieve with them and their versatility.
“I also only paint what I myself would like to have on my wall at home,” says Deborah. “If I wouldn’t be happy
looking at it every day, I won’t paint it.”

Deborah’ favourite subject is flowers. It reflects her love of colour and nature. “I particularly love big full blooms as I
feel they are a celebration of colour and life,” she continues “I feel happy creating my work and I would love to
think my paintings make other people happy too.”
Deborah’s work is bright and joyful with strong colour combinations. Energetic and impactful with loose, bold

She has taken part in the Borders Art Fair, Art at Ancrum and a number of local exhibitions in the Scottish Borders,
an area which will always be a huge source of inspiration