Payam Beint visual artist

Payam Beint is an Edinburgh based artist who recently completed a Masters in Fine Art Practice at the Glasgow School of Art.
Here he tells us about his artistic journey and practice: “I have worked for the last twelve years as a teacher of Fine Art and Graphic Design in Secondary Schools, a hugely rewarding experience and have continued to develop my artistic practice whilst teaching.
I graduated from Nottingham Trent University, completing a BA Honours degree in Contemporary Arts. I specialised in visual art media and music exploring a range of ideas based around journeys and personal encounters. This took the form of multi-disciplinary approaches including soundscapes, painting and film work.
After completing my degree I moved to London to pursue a career as an artist and musician. During this time I developed paintings that explored peripheral vision and transient landscapes, which were displayed in numerous galleries and exhibitions including the Royal College of Art, Art on Paper exhibition. In my current practice I have been looking at time lapses in nature and their relationship to perceived memory and association with locations of personal significance.
I have recently completed an Artists Residency at Dumfries House in Ayrshire. During this time I was greatly inspired by the beautiful woodlands surrounding the estate. The paintings in this exhibition form part of a series of work on paper that experiment with mark making and texture to interpret the colours and natural forms that I encountered during my stay.”

Ronald Forsyth – visual artist

Ron was born in Rothes, Morayshire and studied at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen.  He lives and works in Edinburgh.
He taught Art and Design in various Edinburgh and Midlothian High Schools, and became Principal Teacher Of Art at Greenhall High School, Midlothian.
After retiring from school teaching, he taught Community Education Day and Evening classes in Pottery and Watercolour Painting at Leith Academy.
Since retiring, Ron has been experimenting with Printmaking, Photography and 3D work and says that the mix provides fresh stimulus and creative energy.
As a member of Visual Arts Scotland (VAS), he was awarded the Sally Scofield Memorial Prize in 2002 and regularly exhibits in the RSW (The Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour) and VAS Open Exhibitions.
We have four of his fascinating and intricate 3D pieces in the Gallery now: King & Queen 4, King & Queen 6, King & Queen 9 and Knight Templar.

Gemma Hare – visual artist

We are delighted to welcome artist Gemme Hare to the Collective and to be her only Edinburgh Gallery.

Gemma is a visual artist, living in Aberdeen.

She graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2005, with a BA (Hons) in Drawing and Painting.
Gemma then pursued a career in teaching, and only started to create her own work again in November 2017.
Gemma’s recent work focuses on bee conservation, incorporating her layered, painterly style, created in mixed media. The focal point is the bee, with accompanying text, often sharing a message or information with the viewer. She is currently working on paintings featuring other insects, which exhibit the same qualities as her bee images.

We have several of her original works on display in the Gallery, as well as greetings cards, stationery, mugs and decorations featuring her beautiful and distinctive insect imagery.

Please do pop in and view!

Susan Smith

Scottish artist Susan Smith – painter, printer, art tutor and founder of Greenpark Weavers, an off-loom weaving project based at her studio in Falkirk – was born and brought up on a Aberdeenshire farm where an extremely outdoor childhood fostered her deep love of the natural world.

Susan is an MFA graduate of Edinburgh College of Art and Edinburgh University, and a Hospitalfield alumnus.  Hospitalfield House is an arts centre and historic house in Arbroath, Angus, Scotland regarded as “one of the finest country houses in Scotland”. It is believed to be “Scotland’s first school of fine art” and the first art college in Britain.

She is inspired by the natural world and is a keen observer of animal and bird behaviour and strong supporter of conservation.  She often sketches and paints outdoors before developing her work more fully in oils once back in the studio.  For the past few years she has spent a week each year painting on the Isle of May along with Kittie Jones, Lara Scouller, Leo du Feu, Liz Myhill and Nye Hughes.

Susan is an active member of Fife Dunfermline Printmakers Workshop (FDPW) who exhibit regularly and predominantly in Fife, Edinburgh and the Central Belt of Scotland.  In printmaking Susan specialises in original linocut prints.

She has original oils, watercolours and linocuts in the Gallery as well as a selection of prints and cards.  All take their inspiration from nature, primarily wild birds and animals.

Francesca Watson

I’m Francesca, a self-taught artist and printmaker living and working in Edinburgh. For me creating a piece of art is like going on a journey into the unknown. It starts with a vague idea which only really takes shape as you begin to work on it. But even then, is never fully understood until the artwork is finished and the destination reached.
I am inspired in some part by beautiful creatures in nature – human or otherwise – and in some part by fleeting images in my imagination. My work is sometimes realistic and sometimes more stylised. But often it contains a sense of movement and expression which is a continuation of the very real excitement I feel every time I’m carving lino or wielding a paintbrush or drawing with a piece of charcoal.
I started my artistic journey (as an adult) in 2012 when I decided to have a go at lino printing in my spare time. After honing my linocut skills over several years I recently discovered a passion for drawing from life and painting figures, which I never knew I had. I currently feel an inescapable urge to push my artistic boundaries even further and experiment with different drawing and painting mediums and to try new printmaking techniques. Here’s to new adventures!

David Dalzell

David Dalzell – The Wandering Artist

David is a visual artist, with a varied background in art, science, and graphic design. Nature and landscape greatly inspire him, although his subject matter is eclectic, a resonance with this artist’s wandering spirit. There is contradiction in David’s work, which can in one moment be controlled, honed and detailed with the application of a series of fine lines, and then in another free and spontaneous with swift movement of a camera, or sweeping stroke of acrylic paint.

In this phase of his artistic career, David loves to work in a more focused way to capture detail with his pen and ink work, loving the true development of drawing skill and execution. “This is where I really see a development of my craft today”, David says. And indeed the new nature-inspired work is heavily influenced by David’s graphic design eye.

A member of the Society of Scottish artists, and based in Edinburgh for 20 years, David has recently started travelling internationally, working as an artist and graphic designer to gain new experiences and widen his influences. This is impacting greatly on his creative projects and influencing his style and subject material.

Volunteering his expertise has enabled him to explore widely different projects, from preparing Buddhist temple statues to up-cycling discarded materials, and so whilst helping others, David has had the chance to develop his art.

“New materials offer themselves all the time” David says, “but there is something already tangibly perfect about wood and paper, and being an environmental biologist, I really prefer natural products”.  The exploration of wood as his canvas for pen and ink work has helped David capture the wonderful detailed natural scenes in a whole new medium, and to use the new skills developed over the last year.

David has an overriding passion that greatly influences not only his artwork, but also his life: the love of learning and new experiences. David will be resident in Australia and New Zealand from October 2017 to April 2018 to develop a new body of work, inspired by his Antipodean adventures and the natural and rural landscapes. David also intends to build networks for future workshops; helping other people develop their own artistic skills and styles.

David has exhibited and sold work in both the UK and internationally, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, New York, Lyon, New Zealand and Australia.

Follow David’s wandering path at the following online locations:

Web portfolio:
The Wandering Artist’s blog:
Society of Scottish Artists:

David is open to taking commissions. Please email the artist at