Aleksandra Kargul – printmaker

Aleksandra (Ola) is an Edinburgh based printmaker. She represents the world she sees through printmaking.

She is a passionate lithographer with a love for all printmaking processes and design. She began her printmaking practice in Art High School in Poland where she specialised in etching.

Arriving in Edinburgh in 2007 to study Interior Design, she graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2012. After graduation she continued to develop her artistic work through lithography, often on a commissioned basis.

In 2015 she joined the team at Edinburgh Printmakers as a studio assistant. She learned more about other printmaking techniques such as screenprinting, photogravure and cyanotype, adding to the techniques she had learned in Poland.

The award of the prestigious Eichstaett Lithography Prize in 2015 gave the opportunity of a residency and solo exhibition in Bavaria. The prize was given through the Society of Scottish Artists (SSA) Open Exhibition. Ola has been an SSA Council Member since 2016 and became Vice President in 2018.

She teaches Stone Lithography at Edinburgh Printmakers and recently joined the Home Design team at John Lewis Partnership Edinburgh as a Home Design Stylist.

We have a range of work by Aleksandra in the Gallery from original lithographs, to framed and unframed prints and greetings cards. She is also happy to discuss commissions.

Francesca Watson

I’m Francesca, a self-taught artist and printmaker living and working in Edinburgh. For me creating a piece of art is like going on a journey into the unknown. It starts with a vague idea which only really takes shape as you begin to work on it. But even then, is never fully understood until the artwork is finished and the destination reached.
I am inspired in some part by beautiful creatures in nature – human or otherwise – and in some part by fleeting images in my imagination. My work is sometimes realistic and sometimes more stylised. But often it contains a sense of movement and expression which is a continuation of the very real excitement I feel every time I’m carving lino or wielding a paintbrush or drawing with a piece of charcoal.
I started my artistic journey (as an adult) in 2012 when I decided to have a go at lino printing in my spare time. After honing my linocut skills over several years I recently discovered a passion for drawing from life and painting figures, which I never knew I had. I currently feel an inescapable urge to push my artistic boundaries even further and experiment with different drawing and painting mediums and to try new printmaking techniques. Here’s to new adventures!