Hello from the Caspian Sea!

Our lovely Collectivist Donald, from Ando Art is at his ‘day job’ in Kazakhstan at present (he is a zoologist) but has sent us a wee ‘electronic’ postcard with some fabulous photos!

Ando Arts
A young seal swimming in the Caspian Sea

“We haven’t managed to get out to the site yet due to there still being sea-ice present. So we have been somewhat kicking our heels in a wee port town called Bautino on the shores of the Caspian Sea.

I wouldn’t describe it as the most picturesque or entertaining place I have ever visited, and I have ended up spending fair bit time here over last few years!

Looking like the last ice has almost melted so we should hopefully head up for last bit of this stint out here at the start of next week.

Ando Arts
Popping up to say hello

Thought you might appreciate some pictures of these Caspian Seals which is one of the main reasons I am out here. They congregate in their thousands in NE Caspian regions in winter/spring to give birth and then undergo their annual moult. We are here to check that they aren’t disturbed or harmed when dredging work is underway!”

Ando Arts
Swimming about

Have you ever seen such a lovely creature? How can people kill them so cruelly? Thank goodness for Donald – there to protect them!

Ando Arts
Lots and lots of seals! Basking?