Alan Glasgow – painter

I am an Edinburgh based artist and work from my studio within my house.

After studying at Art College I have been fortunate enough to maintain my career as a working freelance artist.

Alongside working on my own paintings my work has been very diverse: from creating and developing cartoon characters for DC Thomson & Co Publications through to teaching art.

I mainly paint using acrylics on canvas and paper. I aim to achieve well balanced paintings by the use of colour, shadow, reflection and subject matter.

In my more recent artwork I have been concentrating on water, boats and harbour scenes. For as long as I can remember I have been attracted to the coast and always been fascinated by reflections and how the movement and displacement of water reacts to distort the solid image.

When I am painting I usually work from the photographs, site drawings and notes that I have done when visiting the area. I then pin these images around my easel so I can use them for reference. I also like to work on canvas boards as they compliment my direct style of working and are very easy to use.

As I work mainly in acrylics I use wet boxes to store my paint. This is essential as it keeps your paint wet for weeks and is very economical.

On a personal level painting to me is my own way of expressing what I like and what I love to do and I think that if other people also like my artwork then that’s also very fulfilling.