Alasdair Macdonald – oil and mixed media artist

I am a self taught oil and mixed media artist and try to capture not what is visually real but what it makes me feel in my mind.  Being a gardener I study flowers and nature but don’t like to copy how they look.   They are already perfect so I try to give them another alternative image, so basically I create and make them my own!

I work in oil and mixed media but mostly use oils on canvas or board, with some experimentation with mixed media, as in different kinds of paint, varnish and sometimes textiles.

I never copy or draw, I take my inspiration from dreams and also from my work as a gardener.  I’m greatly inspired by nature as a whole.

My paintings are not about realism, so I would say I was a bit of an expressionist.

I’m inspired by various artists but I never look too closely at their work as I want to develop my own unique style!

When you look at my work you will notice they are all very different.  I don’t like to paint similar or a series of paintings, I would get bored doing this and I would feel like I was a part of a production line, so what you get from me is a painting that is truly unique and will be different from every other painting I do!