Rona Innes

An artist based in Leith Walk Studios who works in a range of
materials including charcoal, acrylic paint, spray paint and pastel:
I have a BA Hons in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College and a Masters Degree in Computers in Design
gained at Middlesex University.

My passion is wild, untamed creatures and places, and I am especially fond of corvids. Using drawing as a starting point, I combine multiple processes in a style that captures the personality and individual nuances of the subject. Based on observation, memory and imagination my style is intricately detailed while retaining a playful exploration of materials.

To bring my art ‘to life’ I use semi-chaotic processes such as flooding the surface with liquids, blasting powder over them or wearing away parts of the drawing with air or corrosive materials. The studio is full of of feathers, bones, lichen, pieces of bark and interesting textures collected or photographed on walks.

Growing up in North East Scotland introduced me to flora and fauna.  The extreme weather, geology and wilderness have had a lasting impact on my work.