Photographic Exhibition September 10 – October 22

Date: 09/09/2022 - 09/09/2022
Time: 16:00 - 18:00
Location: Art & Craft Collective 93 Causewayside Edinburgh EH9 1QG



Our first purely photographic exhibition introduces American photographer Kathryn George

Kathryn George, Photographer, in her own words:

“I have always loved art, whether it be a children’s book, an oil painting, exploring galleries and museums or that captured moment from a camera.

I have taken photos for years but started holding onto my photos about two years ago.  I have produced for US television, worked with pre-school children doing all kinds of art, but was finally drawn back into practicing art for myself, when I picked up my camera again and started taking photos daily.

I submitted one of my photos about a year and a half ago on a lark for a curated gallery show, and the rest is history.  Since then, I have been in over 30 shows in the States, I have two permanent pieces in a hotel in Fife, and I still have such love for capturing a ‘moment’ in a photo.

The nature is my main canvas because it brings me such joy!  But I shoot the unusual as well.  My credo is capturing the extraordinary in the ordinary”